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The Franklin Searches

The Franklin Searches I: 1848-1850The Franklin Searches I: 1848-1850
On May 19 1845, Sir John Franklin and a crew of 134 sailors and officers set sail from England, aboard the Erebus and Terror, Arctic-bound to locate and chart the Northwest Passage. 

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The Franklin Searches II: 1850-1851The Franklin Searches II: 1850-1851
Public interest in Franklin’s fate ensured that pressure remained on the Government to fund and support a new search and rescue mission.

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The Franklin Searches III: 1852-1854The Franklin Searches III: 1852-1854
McClintock’s next involvement in the Franklin search came under the leadership of Sir Edward Belcher in 1852 when the Resolute, Intrepid, Pioneer and Assistance set sail northward bound. 

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The Franklin Searches IV: 1857-1859The Franklin Searches IV: 1857-1859
McClintock returned home in October 1854 with much on his mind despite having been promoted to the rank of Captain. 

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