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Dundalk devotes exhibition to Arctic Fox

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Exhibition on Dundalk polar explorer

About the Arctic

Named after the Greek word arktos meaning bear, the Arctic gets its name from the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, which are visible all year round in the northern sky. 

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The area has a strong wildlife presence consisting of fish, marine mammals, birds and land animals.  The close proximity of land masses to the Arctic  facilitates ease of access to the area when weather conditions improve. 

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As trees cannot grow in the Arctic climate, the vegetation, in the main, consists of dwarf shrubs, herbs, lichens and mosses; all of which grow relatively close to the ground. 

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FloraArctic Inhabitants
The term Eskimo has historically been used to denote the aboriginal people who inhabit the North Polar Region excluding the Arctic parts of Scandinavia and Russia. 

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